Darts and dead things

Crumpled Mummy (CM) has repeatedly told me that in the event of a zombie apocalypse she will be sticking as close to The Child (TC) as possible, not because of any desire to protect her child, but because TC already knows how to kill zombies, if you ask her how you kill a zombie she will respond by saying “Shoot them in the eye.”

I found out just how effectively she can do this on Wednesday 16th when she shot me in my left eye with a Nerf gun from about 8 foot away. Honestly it was a lucky shot and totally my own fault (I was using the sofa as cover, so my head was the easiest thing to hit), but my God did it hurt!

So yeah, TC is now part of my zombie survival kit too.


More travelling

It’s 6:30am on the 14th. I get up after only 2 hours sleep because I spent most of last night packing.

Other than helping to run Asylum’s monthly clubnight last night the last week has been quiet, I know that this week won’t be. I have a 7 hour coach journey ahead of me (again). I collect my things (Camera? Check. College work? Check. Clothing? Check. Nerf guns and darts? Check.) and head out. It’s now about 7:30am, there is snow on cars and trees. This could mean problems, hopefully it won’t.

3/4 of an hour later I’m across London at the coach station with a 45 minute wait for my coach which passes quickly as Crumpled Mummy (CM) phones me to make sure that I’m not still in bed.

We board the coach and head out, the snow causes no problems and causes what would have been a fairly ordinary journey to become more enjoyable and rather pretty.

The journey becomes even more beautiful once we’ve passed Lancaster and entered Cumbria, the hills are covered in snow. We stop at a service station with ducks and a pond. I grab my camera and run off to take a few photos. Once we re-board it’s a short distance to Carlisle where I am met by CM and The Child (TC) who has an iced bun, which leads to icing in my mane.

New years and new beginnings

Well it’s a new year and that means a time for new things and new beginnings in my life (it doesn’t always, but this year it kinda does apparently), so I thought I’d try doing something that I’ve never managed to maintain before, a diary, although I won’t be updating on a daily basis. I like my life, but it’s not that interesting, so I’m aiming to update once a week on Mondays.

Why Monday? Well I started writing this on the 7th, which seemed like a good number to start with. It has the added advantage that I can write my blog posts at the weekend, because that’s usually when the interesting things happen in people’s lives, so things will therefore be fresh in my mind as I write about them… I hope.

So, why the 7th? Well this blog is going to be about my life in 2013 and if I’m gonna be updating on a weekly basis then I thought that a whole week should have passed before I actually started writing anything, plus I knew that this weekend was going to be awesome and special, but more about that in a minute.

2013 started for me in much the same way I suspect it did for many people, in a nightclub. However, I wasn’t partying with everyone else, I was busy.

Busy working in the cloakroom of a club called Slimelight. It’s not a glamorous job I’ll grant you, but it pays the bills (just) and someone has to do it, or no one gets to have any fun.

As I’m sure you can imagine I went home after my shift and spent most of the day in bed.

Talking to my girlfriend (the wonderful Crumpled Mummy (CM).)

I did sleep, but I think I spent more time talking to her than not and at about 7pm I was told that we were going to be having Christmas dinner MK2 for my bother’s girlfriend to enjoy as she had only arrived from Peru on December 29th meaning that she had missed Christmas with us.

The rest of the week passed in a fairly normal and boring way, meaning I don’t remember anything I think was interesting.

Friday however was interesting. Friday involved travelling! To Lancaster! Which is, to date, the furthest north I have ever travelled in the UK. Although that will be changing soon.

The journey was horrible.

I use coaches whenever I travel because they are cheaper than trains, sure they take longer, but honestly I can deal with sitting still(ish) for hours if it’ll save me money.

This time though I really wished I’d booked for a different journey, because the breaks on the coach failed before we were 10 minutes into our journey, which led to an hour and a half wait for a replacement coach. We arrived in Lancaster an hour after we were meant to, which isn’t so bad really all things considered.

Thankfully the meal that had been booked was already cancelled due to the restaurant being closed, or something like that, so after dropping my bags off at one friend’s house I hopped in a taxi and went round to the house of one of my two best friends from school and had some Chinese food with her, her husband, CM and a friend of theirs.

Visiting said school friend (SF) was a big part of the reason behind my visit to Lancaster, as was spending time with CM and The Child (TC), neither of whom I had actually met until that point. I didn’t meet TC until the next day, but that was actually kinda nice coz it meant I got to spend a bit of time with CM before TC started demanding my attention, which CM was concerned about happening.

Saturday involved spending time in a house full of people I hardly knew, which I’m not really a fan of. I like people, but if there are too many new people then I get a little freaked out, which is no fun. One of SF’s friends said that she thinks I have Asperger’s Syndrome, which given some of my own personal history sounds like it could well be true and when you include the fact that the woman who said this is married to an Aspie and has 6 children all of whom are Aspies as well it’s pretty close to an official diagnosis. I now have to decide if I’m going to attempt to get an official diagnosis or not.

Sunday was kinda fun. I got up pretty early and went off with the friend I had been staying with to the 12th century re-enactment group that she’s part of for a training session. Again lots of new people, but this time I had my camera! Which meant I had something to “hide” behind. So a little over 200 photos later it was time to head off to go and see CM and TC off on their way back home. After which I spent some more time hanging out with the re-enactor.

Monday involved travelling home, which went far better than the journey up to Lancaster did, we actually arrived home on time.